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How long does it take to begin the work?

This depends on the size of the job but can be from one week to a month. That is why I am prompt when going out to quote and then submitting the price. If the job is accepted I will book the work in at the earliest available time. I am also flexible if the customer has a date further in the year that’s more convenient and I am happy to hold that time for them. Situations like that can occur if the client is planning on going on vacation and they want the work done while they are away so it’s all freshly painted when they arrive back.

Will you help me select the painting colours?

Sample pots are included in my service to help with colour selection, if full colour schemes are needed I can organise a colour consultant, but I am happy to help until the client is happy with their colour choices.

What type of paints do you use?

I only use premium paints. Currently I use Dulux and have been doing so for years. I only use water based paints for my own and my clients health. I will not use oil based products which leave a very strong odour for a long period of time afterwards which can be a toxic environment for children and the elderly.

Do you clean and tidy up after the painting job is done?

I ensure that all areas are kept clean, so all jobs have painters drop cloths down throughout and plastic coverings over cupboards and furniture. These are all removed at the end of the painting and carpets and floors vacuumed or mopped.

When it comes to prep work I sand with a specialised piece of equipment with a dust extractor and hepa filter which captures 90% of the dust, leaving the air and surrounding areas cleaner.

I wash all my paint gear at my home where there is a designated wash station which is treated with a special chemical that treats water so it is safe to put into the garden. On some larger jobs I will take my wash station to the site and do the treatment there and recycle the clean water back to the garden.

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My goal is to meet and exceed the clients expectations, and to know that they will be happy.

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