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A Professional and Personal Service

I specialise in the domestic repaint market, from vacant properties to occupied jobs. My work is predominantly for families or senior clients, both of which I have done repeat work for over the years. I also do work for home owners or real estate agents when homes are being prepared to go on the market or for new home owners wanting to repaint their new home to add that personal touch before moving in.

No job is too small, anything from a feature wall to a full interior or a picket fence to a full exterior. Customised decorative finishes are also available.

The Process

Once I have received an accepted quote I will then provide some dates that are convenient for the client. Also if requested I will provide some colour samples and if it’s a larger job I can provide a colour consultant. The duration of my jobs will vary depending on the job preparation and how many coats are applied. Throughout the job I like to keep open communication with the client to let them know each process as I go, from prep to finish.

My Approach

Straight out of school I started making plans to become Chef but thanks to my Papa (Grandfather) I got my first job as a painter, growing up my Mum also told me that it doesn’t matter what you choose to do in life just always do your best. The philosophy I hold in my trade is to always do the best I can for my clients. I am always learning and I consider myself to be a fulltime student in my trade. I am always striving to do better, including using new products or applications.

As a family man I have found that I tend to do work for families, many of whom I have done repeat work for, for 10 or more years. I have had many clients who were newlyweds then over the years have had children and have seen the same children finish school and university. For me when a family adopts me as their family painter I would say that is one of the most rewarding accomplishments.

As a painter who specialises in domestic work,  I have extra care and patience as I’m often painting while families are still carrying on their daily routine, so I have learned to make the process as easy and flexible as possible for the client.


Communication is extremely important, I always clarify my understanding of what the customer wants and I am always very clear and upfront on how I can meet those expectations with the potential client. My quotes are easy to read and cover every aspect of the job. I communicate via text, phone, instant messaging and email as preferred by the client and provide progress pictures and updates on longer jobs or if the client is away.

Customer Satisfaction

I strive to make every customer satisfied. My goal is to always complete the job meeting and exceeding the clients expectations and knowing that a customer will be happy to refer me to someone else. A large proportion of my current work is referral based.

Trust and integrity is a high priority to me. I am in clients homes, many of whom are families who are at work during the day or sometimes out of the country, and senior clients who are trusting me to take care of their home while I am painting. So being trustworthy is extremely important, without it I would not have my clientele.

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My goal is to meet and exceed the clients expectations, and to know that they will be happy.

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